Dr. Rev Julius Scipio & Dr. Al Sutton M.D. Family Day!

Dr. Rev Julius Scipio - Giving Second Chances

Early in life, the Rev. Julius L. Scipio decided to follow his grandfather's footsteps into the ministry. After college, Scipio served as a minister in migrant camps in Florida and at big-city churches before returning to South Carolina. In later life, Scipio could be found at Royal Baptist Church in Anderson, but it's for his work with troubled young people that he is most remembered. In the 1990s, concerned about black teens disproportionately represented in the justice system, Scipio founded an organization called The Elephant Men. Scipio and his wife invited the teens into their home, where Scipio encouraged them to strive higher, to aim for a productive and fulfilling life. The program won many awards, but Scipio once said he was working for something higher than earthly praise. "We've got to answer to God", Scipio told The Greenville News. He died in 2009, no doubt knowing that he had done his best.

A Friend To All

The start of the Dr. Rev Julius Scipio & Dr. Al Sutton M.D. Family Day launch in 2014. This is a tribute I decided to do annually for my late great mentor who was very influential in my life as a 13 year old teen till his passing away in December 2009. Dr. Rev Julius Scipio is a Pastor and mentor to many people all over the world. His positive vibes and inspirations is brotherhood, unity, civil rights activist, and a loving male figure. In addition to the late great Dr. Rev Julius Scipio, I was blessed with people such as my loving Grand Mother Barbara Barnes who has passed away and my Grand Mother Bessie Sutton who both installed great morals and values that I live by today. My loving mother Cynthia Sutton is my best friend and a person I know has my back no matter what life challenges I face.

Special thanks to Rev Loren Russell and ALL my family and friends who support and been there for me from day one. It is so many people to name just know I love and respect you all! Thank you ALL! The Dr. Rev Julius Scipio & Dr. Al Sutton M.D. Family Day is held annually at Griffin Ebenezer Church in Pickens South Carolina. One of the church homes where I was raised and grew up being a part of. Special thanks to Griffin Ebenezer Church for allowing me to host this event annually where I grew up!


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Family Day Pictures

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Dr. Rev Julius Scipio

Moments with Dr, Julius Scipio.


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