Dr. Al Sutton MD, M.H.A., B.S.


 "I am delighted to have you here to share in my vision for a better tomorrow. Thank you for coming. Support from you all serves to remind us all just how important our work is."

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 Life perception varies from person to person! I have had some great positive influences in my life starting with my lovely mother Cynthia Sutton( Pickens, SC) who truly has my back! My grandmothers Barbara Hallums-Barnes (Pickens SC) & Bessie Sutton (Easley, SC). All played major and solid roll in raising me as a young man. The late great Dr. Rev Julius Scipio was a major figure in my life that served as a mentor and father figure! His influence with Civil Rights movements, being a Positive Activist, and loving father truly helped inspire me to be the man I am today! 

Who is Al Sutton? I was born and raised in Pickens, South Carolina. I always had dreams and big goals but was afraid to act on them! One day at the age of 25 years old God told me I called you to be better and do better! It was this point in my life where I decided that I got to get something done! At this point, I went on both a spiritual journey and educational journey! 15 years later, I have now earned an Associates of Arts Degree, Associates of Science Degree. A Bachelor of Science Degree, Masters Degree, and an Medical Doctorate Degree! 



Dr. Scipio & Dr. Sutton Family DayGrab interest


 Family inspired events. 

3D Mentor Group


Educating young men of the world for the future. 

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 The success of our organization depends on the engagement, diversity and strength of our members. We are very pleased that the following organizations and individuals served as our initial foundation for launching the organization. 


 My goal is to create unity and be a positive activist for positive change! My organizations that I am affiliated with includes:

Dr. Rev Julius Scipio & Dr. Al Sutton M.D. Family Day
3-D Young Men Mentor Group

ANY donations will go towards building and supporting these organizations and giving back to the community.